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EPISODE 1 | South West

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Robson travels around the South West of England as he goes on a mission to find one of the world’s biggest Eels; the Conger Eel. Growing up to seven feet long and weighing an incredible 200lbs, Robson tries his hand at pulling up a monster from the deep off the Weymouth coast with The British Conger Eel Club.

Then it’s off to Penzance where Robson is taught the art of sea fishing on pedal drive kayaks with two of the UK’s best kayak fisherman, Liam & Steve. Having never caught a fish before using this method, will Robson’s efforts pay off as he goes in search of Wrasse?

Travelling along the Devon coast and stopping off in Brixham, Robson learns how one of the UKs most popular fish, Plaice, is washed, cut and prepared in the Sea fish factory and takes his freshly filleted fish to a chippy where he is taught to make a local Devonshire delicacy; the skipper roll.

Father and son Martin and Danny sail the seas off the coast of Newquay in search of a crustacean that has made a mysterious comeback. Robson gets on board the Tizzardlee-on! to help the guys in their quest to collect the spiny Crawfish that had disappeared from our shores for the last forty to fifty years.

Further up the coast, Robson joins Jenny and her team mates at the Padstow Gig Rowing club as they take on the rival Rock Club in an inter-estuary race in a pilot gig boat. Dating back to the 17th century, gig boats would race pilots out to the ships waiting in deeper waters and whoever got to the ship first would get the job. Robson uses his motivational skills to cheer on the team but who will win the race?


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