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Coastal Fishing

Robson Green Coastal Fishing TX Card.PNG

In this brand new four part series, Robson Green is getting into deeper water in search of some of the biggest, weirdest, wildest and downright tastiest fish in British waters.


He’ll be battling the elements, rival fisherman, his own body and even the fish themselves, to land some absolute whoppers – from monstrous conger eels off the coast of Devon, to helping preserve some truly pre-historic looking skate in Scotland.


Not to mention getting his hands on some of the best scampi, lobster, plaice and sea bass in the whole world.


From lake to loch, and sea to cove, Robson will be exploring the Great British love affair with the seafood that has kept us fed for centuries. He’ll be immersing himself in the distinct maritime cultures around the British Isles, and exploring how we can preserve our fish stocks, while still enjoying the nation’s favourite Friday night takeaway.

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