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Robson Green's Weekend Escapes

Like many of us, Robson Green feels weekends are more precious than ever! For him, those two days are sacred. 

For Robson, that's what makes weekends so special: the fact that they are different to work days; bookends to a different sort of life. 

Sometimes we forget to stop and take a break because we've overscheduled our lives and have become stuck. So, perhaps one of the best ways to become unstuck is to immerse ourselves in the outdoors and do something that is good for the mind, body and soul. 

And there is no better place to reset, relax and recharge than his beloved North East.

Robson takes us on a two-day getaway along the roads less travelled with his friends, family and some very familiar faces. Along the way, he discovers the hidden gems of the place he is still very proud to call home and the secret spots he visits to breathe in nature. Meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help us get that overwhelming sense of wellbeing. 

Taking time out in the beauty of our landscapes is really important to restore a sense of wellbeing.

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