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EPISODE 2 | Scotland

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In this episode Robson travels around the West coast of Scotland as he goes out fishing for what this area is world renowned for; shellfish.

On the island of Mull, Robson meets local fisherman Johnny who takes him out on the North Atlantic in his small fishing boat to help him pull up his creels from the seabed in the hope of catching lobster and velvet crabs. Johnny’s daily battle with the weather and waves is arduous and sometimes extreme and it’s a race against time to get his catch to the port before the lorry leaves the island.

With his catch in tow, Robson stays on Mull to meet Johnny’s wife, Carla to get the lobster from port to plate in no time. Canadian chef Carla teaches Robson the best way to cook and prepare lobster which so many of us are afraid to do.

Heading in land to a secret location, Robson sets up camp with fishing enthusiast Alex as they prepare to go in search of what’s known by many as the unicorn fish. The elusive Arctic Char. Having only caught this fish in Greenland and Iceland, Robson is sceptical that the Arctic Char even exists in the UK. Over some friendly banter around the camp fire, Robson sets a challenge to catch the char but whose tactics will win?

After a paddle boarding pit-stop and some deep fried ice cream, Robson meets skipper Roger and Marine Conservationist Jane where they head out to sea from Dunstaffnage marina. In search of a dinosaur from the deep, the crew are on a fact finding mission for one of the world’s most endangered species, Skate. Measuring as large as 2.85metres, does Robson have what it takes to pull up one of these incredible creatures?


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