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EPISODE 4 | North East

In the final episode of Robson Green: Fishing Coast to Coast, Robson is in his home county of Northumberland in search of the great British staple: Scampi.

Starting off at Fish Quay in North Shields, this port pulls in the most prawns making it the busiest prawn port of the UK. Here, Robson meets skipper John and boards his boat, the Tori Allana, to voyage out into the North Sea to see if he can learn the tricks of his trade and uncover the secrets of his success by pulling in the biggest, freshest prawns and langoustines.

It’s then back to shore where Robson is shown the ropes in the processing fish factory where John’s catch is washed, weighed and graded before being sent off to its final destination. Taking a few tails for himself, Robson pops along to his local chippy where he cooks up and tastes the freshest scampi.

Having fished in over 30 countries over many years, Robson is yet to catch a Ling, a beast of the sea. Ling are the largest fish of the cod family, growing up to 200 cm in length and 30 kg in weight – they are no easy catch! Looking like a mix between a cod and a conger eel, it’s a hard fighting species whose teeth will leave permanent damage. Skipper Alan sets Robson a challenge to see if he can pull up a Ling lurking in the crevices of ship wrecks that litter the sea bed.

On the final fishing trip of the series, Robson visits the beautiful Farne Islands where the tens of thousands of puffins, guillemots and gannets prove the waters are rich with an array of fish. Can Robson catch his dinner to cook on camp fire later?


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