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Release date 13th of July ITV 4 at 8 pm 
Robson and Jim’s Icelandic Fly Fishing Adventure

Amongst the huge fish, offbeat banter and jaw dropping scenery, actors Robson Green & James Murray lay bear their darkest ever moments in a bid to share just how powerful a therapy fly fishing has been for them both.

It has played a central role in restoring their mental well-being after Robson’s addiction issues at the height of his fame, & the grief Jim suffered after the tragic loss of his daughter.
But an indulgent, navel gazing exposé this is not...

The joyful & life affirming humour these two cast over you when joining them on their trip of a lifetime is highly contagious, and with the lyrical and evocative backdrop only Iceland can offer, this is a truly original adventure you’ll definitely want a ticket for!

Robson Green’s hugely popular ITV show GRANTCHESTER is due to air its 6th season in August, and it’s lead actor is due to start shooting the next season this summer.

James Murray is currently filming an Apple TV mini series - Spielberg/Hanks produced MASTERS OF THE AIR. From the same team who brought us BAND OF BROTHERS and THE PACFIC, MOTA centres on a notorious US/B17 bomber group of whom Murray plays the Colonel in command.

Fly fishing is more than a hobby for actors Robson Green and Jim Murray. MUCH more.

Best friends/odd couple Robson and Jim are sharing their deep-rooted passion for the sport in a new ITV4 series, Robson and Jim’s Icelandic Fly Fishing Adventure.

The pair fell under the spell of fishing when they were kids and, after meeting on set four years ago, became the best of friends through their shared love of casting a line.

This programme is very much a passion project for them both.

Last year they took it upon themselves to fly – with a camera crew – to one of the best places in the world for fly fishing – Iceland.

Over three weeks the pair’s angling odyssey allowed them to share stories, life philosophies and their humour against the incredible backdrop of the natural marvel that is Iceland.

Volcanoes, glaciers and gin-clear rivers make Iceland one of the most stunning backdrops on the planet.

Through the programme, Robson and Jim were keen to show exactly why fly fishing gives them – and the fly fishing community – an overwhelming sense of well being.

As part of the show, Robson reveals the difficulties he’s had in his life with drink and drugs; he says he was in a very dark place while in the full glare of the celebrity spotlight.

Robson, who has fished in more than 130 countries in the world, said: “I needed something in life that made sense and, for me, fishing makes sense.

“Early on in my acting career I was reckless. It was all about Robson. But I’ve learnt so much from fishing and have an inner peace now that had been missing.”

Jim also used his love of fly fishing to help him cope following the death of his daughter, Ella Jayne when she was eight months old.

He said: “When I lost my daughter, fly fishing dug me out of a deep, dark hole and has been an integral part of my life ever since.”

And, Jim says, he was delighted this particular fishing adventure was in Iceland, with Robson.

He said: “Iceland is a Mecca for the wild Atlantic salmon, which happens to be a species I have a huge fervor for and whose plight needs our attention now more than ever.


“So who better to share this once-in-a-lifetime adventure of getting up close and personal with my favourite fish than my old friend, the frontman of fishing, Robson Green?”


The relationship that Robson and Jim share is at the heart of this story; an endearing, off beat and entertaining double act clearly revelling in their fishing adventure.


The programme is co-production between Robson Green’s company, Rivers Meet Productions – who initially funded the trip – and Signpost Productions.


Both companies are based in the North East and are keen to develop the production talent that already exists in the region and develop new, upcoming talent.


Award-winning Signpost Productions grew out of access services and are committed to diversity and inclusion throughout any production they are involved in.


With the help of ITV mentors, Signpost gave hands-on network experience to two of their Deaf staff as part of the programme-making process.

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