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Robson and Jim’s Icelandic Fly Fishing Adventure

“The solution to many of our problems be it work, money or love, is to go fishing. And the bigger the problem the longer
the fishing trip should be”

In life, between birth and death, I guess all we’re trying to do is to find out what makes us genuinely happy...and what makes us happy is different for everyone. 


We all have a FIRE in our hearts for something and maybe it’s our goal in life to find out what that something is and to keep that FIRE Lit.


For Jim Murray and Robson Green that ‘something’ just happens to be fishing. However, these two kindred spirits both share the philosophy that fishing isn’t just about catching fish and that this angling Odyssey they are about to embark on, isn’t just about fishing.


Fish tend not to reside in ugly places so no matter where you are, who you are with or what it is you are trying to catch it’s really difficult to be unhappy. 


For Robson and Jim fishing, specifically, Fly Fishing, is their love, their passion..... It’s their everything. 

They are about to embark on an angling adventure to the land of Fire and Ice. The geological and volatile marvel. ICELAND 


Robson and Jim first fell under the fishing spell as young boys. It was inevitable that they would eventually meet, go fishing and present an informative, funny, fascinating, and ultimately award-winning fishing show together. 


They are deeply connected through fishing and are keen to share with their audience just what it is about this most ancient and universal of practices that touches them so. 


By sharing their stories, techniques and life philosophies, against the backdrop of the Icelandic Glaciers and waterfalls, they will attempt to show us how fishing changes lives, enriches communities and connects the most diverse of people. 


The relationship between Jim and Robson is of course at heart of the story. It’s a double act that will be endearing, offbeat, hugely entertaining and one that the audience will care about and want to follow. 


We’ll also discover the moving and heartfelt truth why fishing gives our presenters such an overwhelming sense of wellbeing. 



Both Robson and Jim believe fly fishing to be one of the most profound of pursuits that can help heal in so many ways, and this reflection set against the iconic waterways of ICELAND should occasionally punctuate their humour and badinage with some grounding pathos. 


Robson and Jim are also keen to destigmatize the male skewed view of angling, and so a lot of their focus will be on introducing fishing to the woman and children of the Icelandic communities they will visit. 


The (very Western) art of fly-fishing is a visually stunning practice (graceful, poetic and much more dynamic than JR Harlty would have you believe), and should play nicely as a technique our guys can teach their new friends. 


It is a well known fact that rivers with healthy fish in them have a profound effect on our quality of life and go someway into defining who we are. 


The fact that there are thousands of beautiful Silver Salmon venturing along the stunning and dramatic waterways of Iceland is a testament to the people who care, look after and love these rivers. Robson and Jim believe that if you look after and love a river it will look after and love you back. 


Set against the haunting, mysterious, beautiful and jaw dropping vistas of Iceland this story, that celebrates an abundance of healthy and extraordinary fish, will be a life affirming one. A soul-enriching, congenial and charming tale full of hope, fish and friendship.

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